The Car



The car itself was found by a friend of mine sitting in a field near his house.  I paid $500 for the car in 1994, and have owned it for the past 17 years.  When I purchased the car it was in need of total restoration.  However at the age of 16 I didn't  quite have the patience to restore it properly.  I look back on it and see that I sometimes took the shorter path to fixing things rather than the proper way of fixing things.  Shortly after getting the car painted I noticed paint bubbling where I had simply sanded  rust holes and filled them with Bondo.  I drove the car for 9 years then decided to do some engine work. 
In 2003 I decided to pull the engine out of the car and replace it with a 393 stroker motor.  Shortly after pulling the engine I got the opportunity for free rent if I  helped my landlord renovate the house that I would be living in.  Needless to say the engine project was put on hold while this was going on.  I  finished the rental house and brought the car over to work on it.  The engine bay was sandblasted and painted to get ready for the new engine that would be going in soon.  About 1 week after I finished painting the engine bay hurricane Ivan brought 7 " of rain to Pennsylvania.  This flooded the creek by my house which in turn flooded my car.  Luckily the  engine was still at the machine shop, so it was not damaged in the flood.  The electrical system, interior, and body panels took a pretty hard hit however.  I got the car cleaned  as best as I could and put the new engine in it.   Following putting the new engine in I bought a house and got married.  My wife and I have spent the past 5 years renovating and adding on to our house.  Now it is time to bring the Mustang back to its original glory.  Please watch as I transform it from an ugly lawn ornament  to a spectacular piece of Ford history.